Welcome to Rabbit Portable Fire Pumps Portal, brought to you by Kojex International. We are the only distributor of Rabbit Portable Firefighting Pumps in Canada and the United States.

Rabbit’s originality, and a completely new design enables quick and easy inspection and maintenance.

Rabbit portable firefighting equipment is ideal for use in the rural areas or any other areas where the infrastructure is not suitable for proper temporary fire fighting equipment.


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Since 1990, Kojex International has provided and supported the products and services that our clients need to meet today’s modern market. Located in Montreal, Canada, we provide many technologies and products such as pre-fabricated housing, road maintenance materials and fire-fighting equipment, globally across Asia, Europe, North and South America.

With the objective to provide high quality products and excellent service, Kojex International’s philosophy is without compromise and is reflected in the quality of our products and services.

Actively listening to our clients and ensuring their satisfaction has been essential to our success with our clients. We hope to be able to better serve you in the near future and provide you with the products and service that will insure your satisfaction.


Kojex provides 4 series of portable fire fighting pumps, that varies according to their performance and cooling type.

The Rabbit Portable Firefighting Pumps Fi Series consists of 3 fire pump models: Rabbit Fi 8000, Rabbit Fi 7000 and Rabbit Fi 6000.

Rabbit Portable Firefighting Pumps Diamond Fuji series offers 4 models, P455, P476, P555, and P572.

Air Cooled Rabbit Portable Fire Pumps with oil-less vacuum pumps is mainly used in rural areas. Three models are currently available: Rabbit P265M, Rabbit P381M and Rabbit P381S.

Water cooled Rabbit Portable Firefighting Pumps series offers 2 main products, P509rs and P570s.

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